rolex submariner mens watches can ensure the perfect accuracy for the movement

15 octombrie 2010

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Meanings: mens diamond rolex watches and watches the same price, there are years can not read, but as the middle-aged man too. Vela, while men can participate, but playing with people sailing age are usually relatively big, so sometimes called a yacht is “Race” as a gentleman (men’s race). Clock, but also to have suffered years of experience, know how to use the achievement itself locked clock.

Case thickness of 15 mm, model number 6105 of 35 mm in diameter, good quality rolex ladies watches for a barrel of wine, waterproof function, center second hand, automatic observatory certification Swiss officer, 18 karat If gold two-piece suit, has been polished and satin polished ring slot table, table type swing back, black dial, six square cut diamonds and five of the timeline-dart gold hoop outside dial 1 / 5 seconds or minutes, indicating the date display window level 3 position gold frame, full luminous material Taizi pointer.

A.296 movement, rhodium plating, 18 Star Ruby, lever escapement wheel vertical, single-metal, from Baoji-spiral compensation, fine tuning the device dials the rolex submariner mens watches case and movement with the firm.Midnight calendar, calendar of Rolex will be located on the next date. This innovative device in 1945 in wristwatches record type Ho-powerel first introduced the use of jump starting date of stored energy, can ensure that the movement of perfect accuracy.

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